BY: Gina Cole


Monster Energy Aftershock music festival will be held on October 21st and 22nd at Discovery Park in Sacramento, California.  The line-up for Aftershock 2017 includes Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Stone Sour, Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, Marilyn Manson and many more.  The line-up for this year’s festival will keep fans rocking out all night long.  Aftershock has been California’s largest rock festival since its premier five years ago in 2012.  This festival has contributed to Sacramento’s rating as one of the largest growing cities for live music in the nation as stated by Eventbrite in August of 2017. 

In addition to the amazing artists appearing at the festival, Aftershock has multiple experiences for fans including The Monster Energy experience where fans can sample Monster Energy drinks throughout the festival and The Music Experience where fans can interact with guitars, drums, keyboards, etc.  and offers artist interactions throughout the festival.  Along with these amazing experiences, the festival has lined up several food and drink vendors to enjoy throughout the weekend.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience Aftershock will be renting mobile charging lockers for $40 so fans can keep their hands free to enjoy the festival.  They are also offering special hotel rates around Sacramento for festival attendees and a park and ride shuttle from Sleep Train Arena to Discovery Park.  Aftershock is an all age’s event, and tickets can be purchased at




Protoje's talent is incredible.  Check out this very relevant video and pay attention to his thought provoking lyrics.

Common Kings new album Lost In Paradise has us feeling good!!! They did it again! Keeping true to their feel good style each song makes you feel young, wild and free.


Sacred Movement at the historic Lake Concow Campground will leave you wanting more


By: Alexia Johnson


Headline: Sacred Movement at the historic Lake Concow Campground will leave you wanting more


Day Two of Sacred Movement saw performances by Jras, Mystic Roots, and the legendary Capelton!


Let me start of by saying Sacred Movement is so much more than a festival, it is a grassroots community of different companies and organizations, trying to build a sustainable future for ourselves, and our children through art, music, workshops, and speakers. This is a very grassroots event, in the best way possible, a festival accessible for families, people of all ages and back grounds. There was truly something for everyone. From the camping and parking being included in general admission, to the “Kids Village”, to the organic and vegan food options, to the workshops. This is truly the festival to take off work and bring the whole family to!


 I actually had arrived at 11pm on Friday June 23rd to the festival location after a very long and beautiful trip up the “Sacred Mountain.” My GPS stopped working up the mountain, but thankfully there were hand painted wooden signs to show me I had arrived! Once I descended upon the fairgrounds, I was met with the site of a giant bonfire and the groovy tunes of JellyBread. A funky gospel styled rock band, that left you wanting more. After I got my dance on, I did a quick walk around the fest and headed to bed for a Saturday full of fun in the sun.


 I awoke on Saturday to find campers walking with Kayaks to the fairgrounds. How silly did I feel to find out there was a lake at Lake Concow Campground (I know, jokes on me) so I grabbed my blanket, bongos, and bathing suit, and headed down to this lake. What was nice is the festival grounds didn’t open to non-campers until approximately noon, so everyone at the lake were campers of the fest. Children flooded the lake with their floaties and canoe; and adults posted with their joints upon the river’s edge. A much-needed outdoor rest up and swim before the day got started. If swimming isn’t your thing, there was morning yoga available, and the kids open mic, along with aerial yoga practice!


  The first band that got me up and moving was Moe’s Family Band. Comprised of Mom:  Dena, Dad: Adam, and daughters Bella and Sophia. This family brought us back to the golden age of the Partridge family. The family describes their music as “Woke Folk,” and we couldn’t agree more. Senior in High school Bella played the violin and sang and 8th grade Sophia blew up out of the water with her rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive.” Playing on each other’s talents and smiles, Moe’s Family band reminded of what it means to love your family and others. The band has played the likes of Rainbow Gathering and Burning Man.  Formed in 2008 when Sophia was a mere 4 years old! You can catch them at the Oregon Country Fair this weekend July 8th 2017 on the youth stage at 4:45pm.


 There wasn’t only music and spiritual workshops! There was also a killer belly dancing troupe by the name of East Wind that preformed multiple times over the weekend. What was really cool is many of the belly dancers in this group are also part of the “Positive I Good Vibes Circus Tribe,” which is a fire dancing circus that preformed the close out of Day 2. These women were so beautiful and the group had dancers from 3 years of age to later adulthood, and many danced with their daughters! The dancers from this troupe represent a collective of artsy women that offer art classes, belly dancing classes, fire dancing training, and more in Chico, CA.


 As I stated previously, Sacred Movement was about more than a music festival, but a movement itself, and is supported by companies such as, From the Ground Up Farms who provide organic produce to the community as well as serve to educate the community about sustainable farming measures, and how to understand our environment, food and water, along with understanding the ethics practices involved with the production and consumption of food. Sacred Movement gave From the Ground Up Farms some time to speak on the importance of nutrition, on our physical and mental health as well as the overall health of our communities. To get involved with the organization, I have included a link at the end of this article!


Jras absolutely killed it, Sacred Movements first Headliner of the night he brought the energy of the “City of Trees” to the mountains and totally changed the energy of the festival. Taken from the heat and sun of the day, to the cool breeze upon the water, the sun descended upon the lake, and the beats came and got us ready to dance the night away. Fans were met with songs like “Find My Way,” and “Against the Grain.” As conscious hip hop took the fest with energy of the most high, Jras brought Markos from Mystic Roots on stage for a collab!

As the good vibes lingered, Mystic Roots then took the stage playing hits such as “Pass the Marijuana,” and “Wondering Why.” The crowd sang along and danced with smiles upon their sun burnt happy faces. Repaying the gesture, Mystic Roots brought up Jras for a verse and a dance! They were greeted with an extra dose of excitement when “Lullaby” and “Summer Festival” were played off Mystic Roots new album Change. Which is currently the #1 billboard reggae album on itunes! Link to album and their band page below.

Now Capelton was a sight to see. I personally had never seen or heard of this artist. (I know, reggae legend) However, sometimes that can bring the best experience to see an artist or band live first, and man, was I impressed. This guy was literally in what could only be described as a bedazzled jump suit, and fully wrapped locks jumping all around the stage. Even with the breeze, it was still pretty warm, so needless to say, I was impressed! Playing hits such as “Who Dem/Slew Them,” and “She Looks Nice in her Clothes,” it brought the dancehall to the Sierra Mountains. Backed by a full band with a horn section, his music packed a magical punch. Truly a freestyle artist and band, when Capelton changed his tempo, or chose to speak, the band followed him flawlessly. The timing was unpredictable in the best way possible considering this man is a reggae artist and I think it would be safe to say we all know the cliché as reggae lovers. His energy is truly remarkable, dancing all around the stage and jumping up and down in unison with the fans below; he knows how to engage a crowd! Link to his band page and new album “Sons of Jamaica” below.



Links to bands and brands mentioned:

Sacred Movement:


Moes Family Band:

East Wind Belly Dancing Troupe:

From the Ground Up Farms:

JRas: and Album-

Mystic Roots: New album, “Change” Band page- and

Capelton: New Album, “Sons of Jamaica”

Band page-











SATURDAY May 27th: Alborosie, Originally from Italy this Sicilian born Rasta moved to Jamaica in 2012 to be closer to the music he loved. He began singing at the age of 15 and has worked with Kymani Marley and Gentleman. In 2011 he became the first artist to win the M.O.B.O. (Music of Black Origin) Awards in the Best Reggae Act category.

Yellowman: Is a Jamaican born musician and deejay and has deep roots in hip hop and reggae and dancehall. Also one of the best selling artists in Jamaica  next to Bob Marley himself!



SUNDAY May 28th: Dirty Heads, originally from Huntington beach, California. The band was founded by Jared “Dirty J” Watson they have a reggae/ska influence and some of their influences are Sublime and hip hop. Their newest album, which is self-titled was released July 15th 2016.


Collie Buddz: Colin Patrick Harper aka Collie Buddz was born in New Orleans and was raised in Bermuda. Best known for his single “Come around” he has an energetic style and an appealing voice. He is a treat to see live.







Cali Roots Magic

By: Jessica Faith


The magical Cali roots festival is held in Monterey, California each year. It all started in 2010 as a one day event and was headlined by Tribal Seeds and Dirty Heads. In 2017 it has grown into the largest reggae/hip-hop festival in northern California with over 13,000 people each day of the event. It boasts 3 stages and a pop up stage Cali roots features mostly reggae with a few choice hip-hop acts as well.


The magic of this festival and the joy it brings to thousands is immeasurable and hard to explain as it is like no other place on earth. The many musicians who fly in from Jamaica and all over the world bring an excitement to the air. This year has some amazing acts as well.


FRIDAY May 26TH:  Rebelution, a four member band originally formed in Isla Vista, CA including: Marley D. Williams, Eric Rachmany, Rory Carey and Wesley Finley.  Rebelution’s album Courage to Grow was named Best Reggae Album of the year in 2007.

Stick Figure: Is an American Dub/ Reggae band based out of southern California, the band’s front man Scott Woodruff has written and produced all six of their full-length albums. Their combination of roots reggae and dub is magic to the ears. In 2012 the band’s album Burial Ground became No. 1 on the I-tunes and Billboard Reggae charts.

Emerald Cup

By: Jenny Olmos


For its 4th straight year The Emerald Cup will be returning to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, CA, December

10-11 2016. As one of the longest running growers cup of its kind, this years Emerald Cup has a full lineup of marijuana, music, & motivation. Speakers will be there further educating cup goers on medical marijuana and its benefits. There will be


100+ cannabis related vendors and non-medicated booths as well. The 2016 live music lineup is one of the best to date,

bringing together some of the hottest reggae bands around including: Damien Marley, Stick Figure, Tribal Seeds, and many

more. From the high you'll be feeling after visiting the 215 medicated area, to the low roar of Damien Jr Gong's voice closing out the night, Emerald Cup 2016 is sure to impress!


Tickets are available for anyone 18+ at




Snow Globe

By: Marisela Delgado


Snowglobe Music Festival 2016 located in South Lake Tahoe, takes place on the Athletics Field at The Lake Tahoe Community College campus. Snowglobe Music Festival is a three day event held December 29th through New Year’s Eve. Artists for Snowglobe 2016 will include: The Chainsmokers, Flume, Major Lazer, Odesza Lido, Echos and many more. With so many artists blending electronic, dance and pop event goers can expect to enjoy nonstop dancing and fun. Snowglobe is one of the world´s premier music festivals, often called ¨Snow– chella¨ in reference to its more famous cousin.


Snowglobe organizers work with local police to insure that event goers are safe at all times, along with making sure locals are not disturbed by the noise level. The event also provides shuttle buses to and from the location so event goers don't have to walk or drive to the event, avoiding any risk of vandalism or danger. Because the event is held outside with possible snow conditions: heated, enclosed facilities are available for each stage. Illegal substances are not allowed on the premises nor are any form of intoxication prior to the event, so all attendees please make sure you are safe and expect to be subjected to a full security screening.



Snowglobe provides lodges, maps and tip along with serval other answers to ensure all questions are answered promptly, as well as making sure that the website updated and easy to use. Wrist bands are shipped three weeks before the event, they are labeled for each day and upgrades are available at the gate unless sold out. Merchandise and accessories are available for purchase at the event along with a full set of amenities, including ATM´s and a wide range of food and beverage vendors.

If you are making New Year plans and want to experience a world–class festival with some of the biggest acts out there, check out Snowglobe 2016 in South Lake Tahoe and get ready for a unique and memorable New Year’s Weekend!


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